For the love of quality

We dedicate a great deal of time to making our watch straps. The leather is elaborately processed by hand in the manner of traditional leather craftsmanship. Gentle procedures guarantee you natural, environmentally-friendly, leather products - each one representing a unique masterpiece.

Die RIOS1931-Funktionsnaht an der Schließe, von Hand vernäht und von innen im Dornloch verknotet

The RIOS1931 locking stitching at the buckle, hand-sewn and knotted on the inside through a pin hole.

Die RIOS1931 Futterfixierung ab dem ersten Stich.

Securing the lining of the RIOS1931 from the first stitch.

Die RIOS1931 handvernähte Schlaufe.

The RIOS1931 hand-sewn loop.