RIOS1931 Saddler’s Seam

It takes a master craftsman about 40 minutes to complete a perfectly stitched saddler's seam (hand seam) that will last and last.

RIOS1931 Water resistant

Water resistance achieved by high-tech materials or a hydro-finished upper leather, intermediate layer and leather lining.

RIOS1931 Clasp strap

The clasp fastening system is quick and easy to replace. The pin does not have to be removed - also ideal for fixed (solid) lugs.

RIOS1931 Art Manuel

The high-end »Art Manuel« strap is hand finished similarly to a »Goodyear welted« or »frame-stitched« shoe. The finest of traditional craftsmanship.

RIOS1931 Organically Tanned Leather

Upper and lining leather is tanned with vegetable substances processed according to traditional formulas with extracts of groundwood, bark, leaves and fruits. The extraordinary softness and pleasant touch result from the use of natural fats and waxes. The vegetable tanning substances give the watch strap a typical leather fragrance of bees wax and tobacco.

RIOS1931 Organic Watch Straps

All steps within the production chain are ecologically sustainable and certified organic. The natural and vegetable-tanned, absolutely soft leather give the straps of this series an excellent feel and high wearing comfort.